okay the word, "XERIS" .......I searched it on Urban Dictionary with one result that said this:
"An amazingly witty and beautiful petite woman with tall girl attitude." tags include: dynamic, short powerful, confident, fashionable 

and I googled it and yahoo answers popped up with someone asking what the word "xer" means (in Armenian)...and it means "success" and when you use it in the saying it would mean, "God Bless" = "xer lini" 

ok so here's the situation so you can answer this question with less confusion: Since the guys in my school think I'm "hot" and "sexy" (its not me, its them..im not bragging!)..there was this Armenian guy sitting next to me in class an he kept looking at me and in big letters he wrote on a piece of paper, "XERIS" and showed it to his friends across the room. oh and IM Armenian too.

so my question is: What does the word XERIS here really mean? who knows maybe the urban definition might be wrong or in a different language?. Maybe its could also be a insult!

I'm new so don't judge :p

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I've never heard the word Xeris but I don't think its a bad term. If the guys all think your sexy then they are probably flirting with you using that word.

no they weren't "flirting" with me at all


wow what? what is it?

you know what it means?

If your pretty, and others are saying the meaning is "Wow", that's like a compliment.

lmaoo it's a bad word don't be flattered by it

I don't know what the exact situation was that you where in but I will explain what the word means. Xeris means "I don't care" in a very vulgar way. The word xer comes from Russian and that is why some Armenians don't know it. It means penis in Russian.....I think you can figure out the rest. 


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